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Ultimate Love: Rosie cries bitterly as Kachi breaks up with her, cancels their wedding

• Ultimate Love stars, Rosie and Kachi have ended their union and wedding is likely not going to hold anymore this November.

• Kachi was accused of making serious moves to make sure he doesn’t marry Rosie after his people began demanding excessively from Rosie.

The Ultimate Love season 1 reality television show co-winner, Rosemary Afuwape aka Rosie has gone into emotional trauma as her partner and fiance, Ucheagwu Onyekachi simply known as Kachi is on the verge of breaking up with her.

The news broke on Tuesday, October 27 after some close friends and fans started leaking some information about what’s going on between the Ultimate Love couple.

And in a screenshot shared online, Rosie was seen explaining how Kachi had planned leaving her for another lady. She also stated that Kachi has began announcing to people that their wedding will no longer hold.

And according to Rosie, she has to accept whatever Kachi has brought along because she needs her peace of mind and a real man who will love her and her son Jeremy genuinely.

She took to her Instagram story to share several videos of herself crying and expressing her emotions with some background music.

Rosie wrote; “He has changed and that is whyl took my stand based on such change. Besides he had started announcing to people wedding was off even before I approached Multichoice. All I did was to help him make it official.

“He has shown me the way he loves me and l am grateful but I won’t and no longer would like to be treated in such manner, let him go and treat whichever lady like that, more tha how can someone you love do that to you? And that is just out of the many things I had to endure.

“I need a real man to love me genuinely, more than that is not just even about me but Jeremy. I cannot make my son go thru half of what i have gone thru, naaaaaaaa. In this lite I have been thru a lot to continue going thru what l went thru would mean I don’t love myself or my son to give him someone that would be a great model to him and not one that is flippant at every slight provocation, behaving like a woman and wants to show me he is a man in a wrong way.

“It is out of respect I deline and step out for another to step in and be with him and give him all that he wants and more but as for me, naaaaaa, Kachi is too good for me, I don’t deserve him, I pray he gets one that would dance to every of his tunes, love that, kachi has spoilt my name publicly, and demands.

“I won’t do that, I am a simple girl that only desires for a man to love me and not love in their definition but to be passionate about me, when you talk he says what about him, is always about him, him, naaaaaa and more than that, Iowe it to Jeremy to give him a great model that Would raise him in the fear of God.

“Mind you fear of God is not been born again or knowing the things of God, NO,
fear of God is reverence for God…that because I fear and honour God there are certain things I cannot just do normally to a fellow man.”

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Meanwhile, days ago, Kachi took to his Twitter page to share a post asking fans and supporters to pray her him as he’s battling depression.

“Please pray for me, l’ve been batling Depression for a while,” he tweeted.

And not long after he shared the post, a fan identified as JoyceeeEhi, who’s very close to Rosie took the comment section to blast Kachi revealing more about the reason he had decided to break up with his partner.

JoyceeeEhi wrote, “I have never seen where you want to marry a woman, and then you ask her and people to bring yam, goats and pay bride price.

“What an insult, just to answer MRS. This same lady had an accident and lost your baby. you couldn’t visit her you said you were busy. Meanwhile you #Rosebuds.

“Had already gone back to servicing the girifriend you had before coming to the show. And then you went about telling people that she is at fault. She returned your ring and you come here on twitter to write “Please family pray for me,I’m depressed”.. Thunder gbagwogu there.”

“The merch was all her money, and then greed still allowed you tell her to make use of your account for payments, just because she didn’t want to be seen as proud, she brought herself down. You don’t want to work, you’re very lazy. I wouldn’t say she herself doesn’t have issues.

“She has a lot attitude problem and all, but she was ready bring herself down for you cos she wanna be MRS. Mehn men would shame you!”

Recall that after Kachi and Rosie were declared co-winners of the Ultimate Love season 1 reality TV show in March, 2020, they took a vow to marry each other with an immediate engagement on the live finale stage.

And as winners, both of them earned a sponsored wedding ceremony courtesy of the show’s organizer, MultiChoice. And the wedding was fixed to hold this November, after which they will be gifted a house.

ATTENTION: Kachi and Rosie have finally reconciled and this report has been updated, PLEASE CHECK HERE.

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