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Mercy Mercy movie by BBNaija star Erica; review, reactions

• BBNaija star Erica Nlewedim’s movie, ‘Mercy Mercy’ has earned so much positive remarks and comments.

• The movie came at the right time when the reality has made a name for herself in the entertainment scene.

It’s barely 48 hours Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star and ex-housemate, Erica Ngozi Nlewedim released one of her great movies, Mercy Mercy.


The movie had been on air for sometime but Erica decided to make it an official debut this time having had the fame and popularity she sought for as a reality television star and creating a formal YouTube channel where most of the movie files will be shared for a swift accessibility by fans and supporters.

At the moment, the movie had garnered over 31,000 views on Erica Nlewedim’s official YouTube channel which had currently earned over 15,000 subscribers.

So many reactions and review have trailed the social media about the movie which predominantly centers on two twin sisters, Mercy and Celeste who ended up becoming a torn on each other’s fleshes with one having so much temptation to be guilt into doing what she doesn’t want to do.

‘Mercy Mercy’, The Review

“Twin sisters separated by the cards they were dealt with. One tried to make amends for the guilt that she felt.

“Both Mercy and Celeste had a heart you can melt, but they turned into stone on the part where they fell Celeste never thought she should be begging for mercy but, Mercy felt Celeste should never have left in the first place

“Her boyfriend has got charms but he is passively aggressive and now her sister is involved and she massively regrets it. Something has gone wrong with the package she collected. Mercy sent her one guilt trip but it doesn’t have to be a death wish.

“Educated with a business, Celeste owns her own house, but now her puke had her dilated, she’s foaming in her mouth. Who’s holding her now, isolated and confused she feels like throwing in the towel. Looks up to the sky and says can you hear me now.

“In another parallel she wore her hearts on her sleeve. We all know life is hardest when we start to believe but, when hope is torn apart and dreams are hard to achieve, we all end up on our knees saying answer me please.

“When we were given life, we were actually winning but when it doesn’t go right we can’t go back to the beginning.

“The hardest stone to swallow is the fact that they were twins but for Celeste it’s too late and the room was practically spinning. 24-year-old but she died in 9mins and they can pull your heart’s strings just like the violins. When a chord strikes a chord, it reminds you they were sisters

“Just know there is more to the story and you will find in a distance. Somebody tells Mercy we can all feel her agony, screaming and kicking when she’s torn from her family. She looks back and realizes in the midst of this tragedy the last thing her sister saw was the picture on the mantle piece.”

Here, The Reactions

Fans and supporters of the Big Brother Naija star took to their respective social media platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to share views on the highly enlightening short movie.

@MussoRochette; “You don’t have to be an Elite to watch #MercyMercyMovie, it’s legit educational. If you haven’t seen it yet, !recommend this amazing short movie. Erica will definitely go far in life. Really enjoyed, though a little bit emotional. (the end part).”

@BrianBanana1; “Gud morning Elites/KEW.. today’s hashtag is #MercyMercyMovie … Erica’s first movie. A must watch movie. It’s on her youtube channel.. don’t forget to subscribe.”

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@tewannyong; “Today is such a beautiful day, i don’t wanna drag anybody’s child, y’all have a beautiful day and smile every chance you get.”

@VikeBella; “I want to introduce to u a short, interesting and educative film.
I no u guys we like it, The name of the film is #MercyMercyMovie acted by a young talented actress #EricaNlewedim u guys really need to go and watch dis film on her YouTube page.”

Lindy_Lindii; “If you are an Elite n havent subscribed to Erica’s YouTube channel n still havent watched the movie abeg we cant be family no morewe are about loyalty. #MercyMercyMovie.”

@Bervelynnnnnn; “Hi guys, as relief for all our hard work towards the voting today, we’d be having a you tube watch party of the #MercyMercyMovie produced by Erica. Most of you might have probably watched it, but it doesn’t matter, we still watching tomorrow to boost her views on you tube.”

And, It Continues

Zintle Msutu; “The fact that Erica can play two roles buffles my mind. She’s so good at her thing. She’s definitely going to win those awards. Locally & internationally!”

faith ogbonnaya; “I see 4 different personalities portrayed by just one person in a short movie. You are really a star. Looking forward to more of your crafts.”

Bukola tinuke; “I wish it was a proper 2hrs movie. Interesting, captivating, educative. Cant wait for Erica to take over the movie industry not limited to Nollywood. Erica is super talent, great asset!”

Nazaville; “Erica’s acting is top notch when her twin died and she discovered her body although I know it’s just acting it felt real. Eribaby youre blessed.”

Valerie Orah; “The 46 people who disliked this short film are definitely our neighbors… They can’t even hide their obsession with use.”

Precious Chibuike; “I have watched this movie over and over but I can’t get enough of it because of my star girl, I think u are going to be my last stan in bbn session, Iwill forever stan u my star girl love you so much.”

Sharon Adiju; “Wow, best idea ever.. just keep giving us first hand content ,without going through useless media scrutiny e yeeeehhhhh elites food is served eee will keep tuning in to this channel so I never get bored again…”

Panama Vicky; “Erica I’m proud of you. This is a lesson that not everyone should be trusted blindly.”

Watch here…

Published on YouTube, October 27, 2020, Mercy Mercy is a short film directed by Manny Donaldson and co-produced by Erica Nlewedim. It was shot in Birmingham after Erica’s finished from MET Film School in London.

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