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BBNaija’s Kiddwaya blasts his cousin, Doodoo Armani for sharing false information about him, fans react

• Kiddwaya has been pushed to the wall and he bounced back by calling the perpetrator out.

• The reality star warned that people should stop believing any information that doesn’t come directly from him.

Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star and ex-housemate, Terseer Waya, better known as Kiddwaya has blasted a certain family member and supposedly cousin sister identified as Doodoo Armani for sharing false information about him to the general public.


Kiddwaya, who tweeted via his micro-blogging page on Tuesday morning, October 27 stated that he’s a very private person and doesn’t give people information about himself or anyone close to him.

He reaffirmed that if there’s any new information about him, he will personally share it and everyone will hear it directly from his Twitter or Instagram account.

Kiddwaya cautioned that no information about him or anyone close to him is verifiable if it’s from the lady, Doodoo Armani or any blogger.

Kiddwaya wrote, “I’m actually very a private person and I don’t give people information about me or anyone close to me. If there’s any new information you will hear it directly from my twitter or Instagram not from @DoodooArmani or any other bloggers. Good morning and I love you all.”

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However, after some inquiries, we understood that on a previous day, Miss Doodoo took to her Instagram live session to say things about Kiddwaya and Erica which weren’t verified.

And some fans believe the lady had always done that but she meant no harm. Others see Doodoo’s actions as ‘catching cruise’ which everyone knows are for social media engagement purposes.

ValidUpdates gathered some comments and they read below;

@thabelomaanda; “I guess she was just cruising and entertaining shippers but if you guys feel is a bit too much she must then stop. But don’t be angry at her we encourage her to gist us especially when u guys are just too quiet for our liking.”

@Lonalodwa; “Anyone who watched you knows this. Though you are outspoken you are quite shy too. And you are not asking for too much. You deserve a bit of privacy. Oh and please drop episode two. We’ve been waiting.”

@Tumyiteegrace; “Yooh Kidd m even embarrassed myself. But i cruise with Dodo shame ..i love wat she feeds us ..even if its not true i enjoy it sha..n will continue believing its true. we still wanna keep up with you n baby g.untill you disclose Dodo will be.our girl.”

@Rahilomo; “I knw those informations on the birthday live were too much and not true. She was only cruising though but you knw some gullible people on this platform would take it too seriously.”

@Eyebeez; “She really doesn’t mention anyone’s name. And she tags herself and her boyfriend… So I am lost in what information @DoodooArmani must have given us that sounded wrong… Just saying
What a way to start the morning…”

@Mandybe55; “Funny how some person’s are here saying Kidd loves private life ( Yeah no doubt) but you all still enjoyed @DoodooArmani cruise. I beloved she meant no harm! Regardless this has been Noted down Khugiso. Mr Waya has spoken KEW.”

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