BBNaija: Ifu Ennada shares cogent reasons you must cut-off from your so-called friends

Big Brother Naija season 3 Double Wahala star, Iheme Faith Uloma, better known to the public as Ifu Ennada has shared reasons we need to cut off from the people who claim to be friends but are there to drain us.

Taking to her Instagram, Ifu Ennada noted via Instastory that “Friend” is the most misused word in the world because not everyone knows what it actually means.


Writing further, Ifu Ennada said that a friend is not someone who comes to you only when they need help. It’s not someone who can’t defend you publicly. And it’s not someone you can’t have peace of mind when you leave something to their care.

Ifu Ennada wrote; “How do you call someone your friend and then you rob them, like literally steal from them when they’re at their lowest. Thank your stars I’m not the one involved, the whole world would have seen how evil and devilish you are.

“Dear Kind Hearted People. The reason why some of us get into sad situations is because we want to be good to everyone especially those who won’t think twice about hurting us. Pls as the year comes to an end, cut off these Bastards!

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“What the f*ck have they ever done for you, but take and continue to drain you? You don’t need these Devils, cut them off and face your hustle squarely! If you need someone to talk to, pray to Jesus, He listens and won’t hurt you. Just make sure you cut off these bastards.

“I’m just an inch away from calling out a thief. The only thing holding me back is the Victim. I don’t like rubbish. If you know your involvement in someone’s life is to cause them sadness, get the f*ck outta their life! I wish everyone can be as outspoken and solid as am.

“”Friend” – the most misused word in the World. If someone only comes to you when they need help – THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!! If someone can’t confidently defend you publicly- THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND! If you cant have peace of mind when you leave something precious around someone THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND!! Cut off these Bastards.

“Literally boiling right now that I’m experiencing shortness of breath… I f*cking hate evil people!!”

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