Ultimate love stars Chris Ville and Chris Adah set to marry

Ultimate love reality television stars Obaoye Olajide better known as Chris Ville and his partner, Chris Adanna are finally set to kick off a journey to eternity.

The two Ultimate Love Guests have been engaged to each other and have officially announced their traditional marriage and white wedding ceremony.


In a recent post made on their respective social media pages a day ago, DoubleChris as they were fondly known in the Love Pad, stated that they have genuinely agreed become one in a solemn matrimony.

However, the matrimonial ceremony which is tagged #DC2020 has been fixed to hold on 7th November (traditional marriage) and 26th December (white wedding).

Chris Ville wrote: “The journey hasn’t been easy but GOD got us. What GOD has joined together. Someone please complete it for me. The hashtag #DC2020 is here to stay, let’s make it happen. NOVEMBER 07 2020 & DECEMBER 26 2020.

Adanna added: “Good morning pineapples. So who is ready for #DC2020 ???? Is God not Great??.Always believe HIM. Pay no mind to anything but HIS WILL and SAY about your life…WE LOVE YOU ALL”

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