Regina Daniels’ mom Rita denies attacking actress Chika Ike over snatching her daughter’s husband

Actress Regina Daniels‘ mother Rita Daniels has denied allegations leveled against her that she called out popular actress Chika Ike over trying to snatch her daughter’s husband.

Rita Daniels debunked the rumours which have been making waves since two days ago that she asked Chika Ike to leave her daughter’s husband Ned Nwoko alone.


Recall that ValidUpdates reported about a vital video which went round the internet showing Rita Daniels warning Chika Ike to stay away from Ned Nwoko.

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According to the video, Ned Nwoko and Chika Ike were in a romantic relationship before Regina came into the picture.

And it further alleged that Mr Nwoko is about making Miss Ike his 7th wife after Regina who recently gave birth to their first child together became the 6th.

Reacting to the allegations, Rita explained that the video was doctored and framed to tarnish her family’s image.

She shared the original video on her Instagram page with the following caption:

Rita wrote: “May God equip us with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and common sense of reasoning with the way we judge people. Let God be my judge and judge those that judge me wrongly. Happy Sunday fam. God bless you all.”

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