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Bobrisky’s house-help kneels before him to receive salary (video)

Controversial Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye aka Bobrisky has posted a video of himself paying his house-help, Juliet her monthly salary.

In what was assumed as a show-off Bobrisky was spotted counting some 500 naira notes he held as the lady’s salary.

While he was busy counting, he stated that rich queens like him don’t count money as it’s a form of disrespect.

He added that Juliet should acquire a counter machine for him so he can easily count her salaries when it’s due to pay her.

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Moreover, as soon as Juliet received the money she was seen kneeling and thanking Bob praying that God will bless him.

In his response, the cross dresser told Juliet to make sure she doesn’t spend her salary with men. He then indirectly faced the camera and disclosed to the viewers that Juliet has formed the bad habit of going to spend her monthly payment on her male counterparts.

Watch video below…

Meanwhile, Bobrisky’s extravagant lifestyle has earned him enormous fans and followers on social media who enjoy his show off.

ValidUpdates had previously reported about him showing off to the public how his house-help, Juliet serves him food.

In the video shared on his Instagram page 3 months ago today, Juliet was captured serving him food as she refers to Bob as Ma (Madam).

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