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BBNaija: ‘You’re too dull for me in this relationship thing’ – Tolanibaj to Prince

When one of the two engaged partners begins to question the lackadaisical approach with which the other take some spots in a smooth-sailing relationship, it gets so annoying to perceive the outcome.

Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates Prince and Tolanibaj on Friday night August 22 revisited the threats surrounding their relationship and preventing it from sailing smoothly.

Tolanibaj made it known to Prince that he’s too dull to make their relationship work and she’s beginning to feel that he’s not ready to make things work for them.

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Recall that earlier before the conversation, during their charade game, when it was Tolani’s turn to pick someone among the Housemates to play and Prince came as her option but he refused playing with her.

While telling him about it, Tolanibaj said she doesn’t like what Prince did and rejecting to join her in the game was uncalled for.

Meanwhile, Prince responded that his decision wasn’t taken personal and as such shouldn’t be something to use as an exaggeration over an issue.

Watch the discussion below…

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