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BBNaija: We smell breakup, has it ended in tears for Kiddrica?

If you’ve been watching the BBNaija Lockdown show closely, you’ll certainly realize that entanglement situation in the House seems so deep to contain and last night, Wednesday, August 5, there were so much drama around love and ships.

Immediately after their night’s Wager task rehearsal, Erica went to bed in a sad mood with a plate of cake. Some minutes later, she began having conversation with Kiddwaya about her desire to focus in the game without anyone distracting her.

She continued by letting Kidd know that she has enjoyed all the cuddle and intimate moments with him and all she needed right now is to get her head on the game and career.

However, we could recall seeing Kiddwaya and Nengi flirting after the rehearsal and assume this might be the reason Erica asked to be alone for now.

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And she had previously warned Kidd against flirting with other ladies in the House, so watching and hearing what she told Kiddwaya isn’t a surprise.

In the concluding part of their conversation, Erica beckoned that they continue as friends and nothing more. And Kiddwaya appeared to accept her request and left the the scene picking a piece of cake from her plate.

But could this be the end of Kiddrica or is this one of their on and off moments? Why was Kiddwaya not eager to keep his girl or are fans the only ones shipping in their heads? Whichever way, we’ll see.

While we wait on what’s next for Kiddrica-ship, there’s the possibility of them forgetting what happened over the night or Erica will just have to stand on her words and maybe try Laycon.

Anyway, we’ll keep watching.

Take a glimpse at the video below…

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