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BBNaija: Ifu Ennada exposes her ex, says he keeps phoning her

It’s one thing to have a friend (boy or girl) and the other to keep them. But in actuality, the hope of making friends dwells much on the fact that breakup comes as easy as initiating a relationship.

Again, after the breakup, there are things to put to mind one of which is reason for separation.


And if the split from each other was caused by a mere misunderstanding, then there is need for one to regret over the inactions of the other.

We need to be informed that when two persons come together to kick off a relationship, there are basic things to have in mind which doesn’t always have to do with exchanging sweet words like ‘I love you’.

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If you wish not to miss your partner after separation, be sure to work things out and make peace so as to get in touch with each other even as ex’s.

On that note, we came across a post made by ex-Big Brother Naija reality star, Iheme Faith Uloma also known as Ifu Ennada.

In her post, which was shared on her Instagram page, Ifu stated that her ex has never stopped calling her on phone.

She went further to ask her followers if she should start picking up his calls.

“My Ex Keeps Calling. Should I Take Him Back?”, she wrote.

Well, the answer to that question should come from the originator because relying on a mere statement with no proper consideration on what led to it seems absurd. What do you think?

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