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BBNaija: Fight and make-up – Erica vs Lucy

After the Tuesday evening Guinness Smooth Challenge, Housemates went back to the House and were going about their businesses, there comes a minor clash which ensued between Lucy and Erica.

It came as a result of misunderstanding from Erica to Lucy who was accused gossiping in the dinning room mentioning Erica and Kiddwaya’s names.

The annoying words from Lucy made Erica move away telling her she should remain that way because she has had enough issues with her.

Lucy responded, ‘We’ve never had issues before.’ Erica replied, ‘Well you had issues with me today and you better thank God that I’m not in the mood to reply you’ at the same time Lucy told her, ‘You don’t know what issues are because if you call today’s one’s issues, then I don’t know.’

In the course of that Erica told Lucy that she has had issues with every single person in the House adding that Lucy should mind the way she talks her because she has been quite doesn’t mean she can’t act.

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Lucy took over telling Kiddwaya to intervene but Kiddwaya responded that she’ll talk to Erica.

This irritated Erica more which left her asking Lucy why Kiddwaya should speak for her when she knows she can speak for herself

Lucy then went outside and was seen with Praise on the hammock telling him that when she feels misunderstood, she will give people space. And she also said that she felt people’s conscience always make them feel somehow.

As Erica moved to HoH room, Kiddwaya was seen consoling and reminding her that they were having one of the best weeks as HoH and DHoH.

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Kidd proceeded advising Erica that she shouldn’t let quarrel with Lucy get in the way of things as it might be Lucy’s strategy. He affirmed to her that she’s a winner and should always make use of HoH room to relax.

However, barely an hour later, during their Wager Task preparation in the lounge, Erica walked up to Lucy hugging her from behind. Lucy quickly took the opportunity to tell her that she was joking and she did not mean her words, to which Erica responded ‘I am sorry I insulted you.’

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