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BBNaija: Dorathy advises Laycon on best way to make Erica his girlfriend

While he struggles to accept the fact that Erica won’t love him, Laycon seems at war with himself.

From the very first day he saw her walk into Big Brother House, he can’t stop thinking how much a soulmate he will make Erica. But disappointingly, every time he tried to make his decent feelings known to her it will end in futile.

Laycon’s unrelenting spirit is commendable but when it comes to matters of heart, the relentlessness will turn to an annoying situation.

When Laycon first approached Erica he made his intentions very clear and was friend-zoned almost immediately. Rather than take the message and move on, Laycon has vowed he would turn Erica’s No into a Yes.

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Laycon’s chances of winning Erica’s heart have somewhat disappeared this 3rd week in the House since Kiddwaya and her have started getting closer and even spending more time together.

But Laycon’s fans believe he stands a chance with Erica once they all come out and reunite outside the House. At that moment Erica will realize Laycon is already a star, thanks to his massive supporters.

But some opposing fans don’t seem to take the words to heart as they feel there’s no reason Erica will have any regrets whatsoever.

However, today, August 5 while looking for ways to make a move again, Laycon got words of wisdom from Dorathy that nobody could have ever thought.

She made it known to Laycon that he might be better off as Erica’s friend. And the friendship, Dora continued, is longer lasting and closer than a relationship, and may definitely lead to truly loving each other in the long run if it’s handled the right way.

Hear the convo in the video below;

It’s likely Laycon will take Dora’s great advice to heart or continue trying and failing ridiculously. Nonetheless, it’s left for what comes in the coming weeks in Biggie’s House. We’ll keep an eye.

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