I am depressed and losing hope; What do I do?

One of the symptoms of depression is losing hope. When people get depressed, they tend to lose focus of who they are, what they worth and what they stand to achieve. They lose hope feeling everything is lost and no one cares about them. They think the best thing is committing suicide. You don’t have to lose hope because;

All Hope Is Not Lost

In life, there are times you get to feel all lost and alone, there are times you feel like, it’s just you and you alone. Everything goes wrong for you to experience something that brings you hope and joy. But you can move from hopelessness to happiness.


You may be so broke at some point in life and can’t afford what you need and you feel so left out. You may be in a relationship that has become difficult and confusing and it keeps draining your hope and joy. Sometimes, we can be fooled by things that appear real but actually rob us of our joy and hope.

At some point, you will discover that false hope has made your life frustrating and difficult. You may want to give up. You may feel that there is no way forward. These are the points in your life when you should keep reminding yourself that all hope is not lost and you can get better again.

How And Where To Find Real Hope

Do you know there is always hope for every situation or condition you find yourself in? Yes, there is hope. There is genuine hope that can bring back your joy and happiness! when hope comes, it refreshes your life and brings you lasting peace. Where does such hopes come from? You would ask. It comes from;

1. Trusting in Jesus Christ

Jesus came, lived and died to solve all our problems especially our sins. Due to our wrong doings. We all fall short of who God wants us to be. Our shotcomings separate us from God. But, Jesus came to earth to pay the price for our sins. When he died in our place on the cross, He broke the power of sin and death and created a new relationship with God for us.

When you allow Jesus Christ to take control of your life then He will bring life-giving forgiveness into your situation and bring you real hope and turn all your situations in your favor. You can also find real hope by;

2. Associating With Positive Minds

Someone rightly said “You can’t be in the midst of fowls and and behave like an eagle. That statement is correct and true. At that point in life you feel like you’ve lost all hope, being around people that are passionate and have a greater view about life would do you a lot of good. Be around people that all they think about is positivity. Get inspiration from them, tap from their positivity, ask questions, tell them how you feel and they’ll definitely proffer help.

3. Going to God in Prayers

Prayer they say “is the key” there is this portion of the Bible that says “Casting all your burdens on the lord, for he cares for you”. The best person you can talk to about anything and everything is God. Because he created you, he’s in the best position to calm your bothered soul.

There is this relieve that comes knowing we’ve talked to God about how hopeless we are knowing he’s the only one that can help us or send a helper in our helplessness. He calms every storm and turn sorrows into joy. It might not happen so quick as expected, but it will definitely happen.

The next time you feel like, you are alone in the world and got no one to talk to about how you really feel, get your kneels on the floor and pour your heart to him and he’ll restore your lost hope.

Written by Godwin Joy Amarachi

Source: ValidUpdates

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