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Big Brother say you shouldn’t do these while season 5 show is on

As the 5th season of Big Brother Naija premieres today, Sunday, July 19, 2020 DStv/MultiChoice have strictly warned that viewers, fans, influencers while enjoying the show shouldn’t break the rules and regulations that govern the Piracy Policy of Big Brother Naija.

While it’s important that everyone is allowed to make use of his or her social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, there are few important things to avoid.


And as a blogger or social media influencer, MultiChoice added you may sometimes be more closer to their contents than they are, but since it’s their intellectual property, the restrictions listed below are to be followed and abided compulsorily.

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1. When you’re looking for a name, please don’t use any of ours. Trade names and domains like “Big Brother Naija”, “BBN”, “BBN Season 5” are our babies, please invest the time and creativity to make your own.

2. Sharing is caring, but if you record over one minute of Big Brother using a phone, handheld device, Youtube, or any social media it will be considered a live stream. Live streams are forbidden and so bad you will fall our hand if you go’am.

3. We know you want fans to watch along with you, but abeg you no make any calls for fans to watch live or pre-recorded footage of Big Brother on your social platform. If people want to watch, they should do it directly with us.

4. If you have access to our text-based tweets or images from the Africa Magic website and all the official content from the Social Media pages BigBrotherNaija, DStv, GOtv and the content bank, if you use them then you must credit them, and if you don’t it’s gonna be wahalla.

5. Only put a watermark on the content you created, if you watermark our photos and videos, then you 419.

6. When the time to drop hashtags comes into play, use our official one: #BBNaija, or any of the other officially communicated ones. (e.g.#PepperDem)

7. Reposting and retweeting from our official Social Media Page is encouraged. BigBrotherNaija, DStv, GOtv and Africa Magic want your friends and fans to enjoy the fun too, so don’t be scared to share it correctly.

Consider yourself advised that MultiChoice reserves the right to restrict or prevent access to certain social media platforms if the use of BBNaija content is considered an IP infringement. IP infringement may result in a loss of your social media handles and channels.

Source: AfricaMagic

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