TIK TOK: Actress, Chizzy Alichi tells mom to focus more on her husband to know his ‘side chic’ (video)

The video sharing platform, Tik Tok has become a very useful means through which many people round the world have been able to ease boredom and the loneliness of staying at home all day, everyday as the world still battle the challenges posed by Covid-19 outbreak.

Celebrities have also accepted the App as the means through which they keep their fans busy and glued to their social media pages as they shared countless of funny and inspiring videos with them.


However, Valid Updates came across one tantalizing video shared by Nollywood screen diva, Chizzy Alichi Mbah on her Instagram page via the Tik Tok app, April 15, 2020 and it feels mind-blowing and awesome to share with you.

In the video, Chizzy was spotted having a heart-to-heart question and answer session with her supposedly “Tik Tok mom” whose voice was only heard in the background.

The “Tik Tok mom” ask her who the President of Iraq is and she responded she’s not aware. The mom advised her to focus on her studies more as it seems she goes to school to play around.

But the “smart daughter”, Chizzy has to come with her own question as it also seems the mom is unaware of what has been happening behind her.

So, Chizzy asked her “Tik Tok mom” if she knows who is Cynthia. The “mom” replied no. And the daughter, Chizzy smartly told her to ‘focus more on her husband’….Lol…(only if the Tik Tok mom will understand). And this implies that, “Tik Tok mom” has been harbouring an unfaithful husband who has a girlfriend or better put, a side chic named Cynthia.

Enjoy the video below;

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