“Sidney is fraud” – Nigerian Dr Olufunmilayo blasts comedian, Sidney Talker for claiming to have Covid-19 symptoms

A Nigerian United Kingdom based Dr Olufunmilayo I. Olopade has blasted Instagram comedian Sidney Talker for faking to have contracted Covid-19.

In a series of Twitter post, Dr Olu accused Sidney of disgracefully fooling Nigerians with video he posted on 29th March which slightly shows him smiling cunningly to his friends in the middle of the “sickness”.


“This is right in the middle of the “sickness”. Smiling to his friends who are members of the same gang of 40 idiots. It’s a very disgraceful behaviour to think that someone can do something this shameful and even lack the manners to apologise for it.#SydneyNaFraud”, Dr Olufunmilayo tweeted.

She continues, stating that the test result Sidney had earlier shared in the morning of today, April 2 indicated that he was officially tested on March 26 and the result was ready on March 28. So why has the comedian waited from 28th March till 2nd April?

Dr Olufunmilayo wrote, “Look at this result: He was tested on 26th March Result was ready on 28th March This idiot said NOTHING until we practically dragged him like a local goat for him to post a result we already know. The more I think about this whole saga, the more irritated I get. The idiot was tested on 26th of March. This guy still came online on the 27th of March to say nobody has attended to him. As at yesterday, 1st of April, this idiot still kept quiet about the results. What kind of insane madness makes a person be so clout-driven?”

Regrettably, she further tweeted;

“The more I look at the whole saga, the more you see how this moron and his 40 idiot friends took Nigerians for fools. NCDC did test for him 26th March. This guy still posted scam videos the next day 27th March that nothing had been done. What exactly is the aim?”

The self acclaimed Favourite Online Doctor also asked Sidney what his motive to fool Nigerians was about.

“Your post was on the 29th of March. You were tested on the 26th March. Your result was ready on the 28th March. All these details are on your test results. Why did you still post on the 29th March that you “await” results? Why are you trying to fool people?”

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