“I am ready to do everything for Dj Cuppy just to make her my woman” – Uche Maduagwu

Did you know? Nigerian social media critic and actor, Uche Maduagwu has the right to go on his social media page and list all the woman he has crush on? May be that’s a very silly question. No worries!

YES! Uche has returned with a renewed spirit in search of the missing heart of Nigerian top female Dj Cuppy, born Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola after keeping himself away from her, not physically though.


The actor took to his verified Instagram page, April 12, 2020 to drop a prophecy over the life of Dj Cuppy who he said is destined to have a quadruplet after her wedding. That’s interesting!

He went on to explain why the prophecy will be fulfilled and why it won’t. And according to him, Dj Cuppy must make sure she follows her heart when making decisions on who to allow into her life as husband. In other words, Uche meant she should be thinking of people like him.

Besides, isn’t this daydreaming in form of prophecy? That’s not what Uche Maduagwu wants to understand. But he has made it clear that a lot of men across Nigeria and Africa would want to come to ask for her hand in marriage and it’s only left for her to make a choice because as a Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola‘s daughter, she’ll be put into confusion to decide.

Read Uche’s post below;

“@cuppymusic Follow your heart and not societal expectation if you want to smell marriage this year, you are destined to have quadruplet after wedding… #Cuppy will break #family record for giving birth to the highest number of #cute babies at once, i can hear the #beautiful voice of these amazing babies in her womb right now in spiritual #5G ultrasound magnetic wave.

“Congrats in advance, but if you truly want to smell #marriage and not just wedding, according to this prophecy, #follow your heart and not what you feel society expect from you, being the daughter of a billionare will attract thousands of #handsome husband materials in #Naija, #Ghana and every where in #Africa for wedding, but if you are looking for marriage which is forever unlike wedding ceremony which is temporal, follow your heart.

“I am ready to wash the sole of your precious feet with the waters of my soul, what is my usefulness if i can not make you #happy forever? Or dont you know i miss the warmth of your #smiles just like the flowers misses the sun in the depth of winter?”


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