Did you know, Yul Edochie’s parents named him after great Russian actor, Yul Brynner?

Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie has revealed his dad, Pete Edochie named him after one of the great actors of all time, Yul Brynner, a 65-year-old late Russian-American film and stage actor who lived from July 11, 1920 to October 10, 1985.

In a post shared April 15, 2020 on his Instagram page, the Nollywood actor mentioned that he currently possessed all the physical characteristics and appearance of Brynner ranging from looks, same eyes, same bald head, same nose as well as the deep voice.


Mr Edochie however noted that the reason he shared this with the public is to remind people that the names their parents gave them as kids play a major role in developing and shaping the life of the children and what they’re to become in future.

As for him, his dad saw the great Yul Brynner and thought his last child could become great in filmmaking just like the Russian and took the step to naming him after Brynner and if paid off.

Read Edochie’s post below;

“My father named me after this great actor Yul Brynner. He was an outstanding stage and film actor, with a deep voice. I seem to have grown to be just like him, same looks too, same eyes, same bald head, though my nose is way bigger than his. So I’m just thinking…. The name you give to your child, does it play a role in the development of that child??


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