Cubana Chief Priest dishes out 15 golden rules of marriage and it’s mind blowing, take a look.

The mouthpiece of lifestyle and celebrity barman, Cubana Chief Priest, has penned down some mind blowing golden rules of marriage.


The Owerri-based king of night life has said families are healing and wives are winning their husbands back as a result of the ongoing mandatory stay-at-home order sequel to the outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide.

In a lengthy post laced with lots of wisdom and tips bothering on marriage, Cubana Chief Priest has admonished husbands and wives to stick to some recommended marriage best practices and see their homes flourishing.

Here they are:

  1. Family distancing, fighting and nagging give the side chicks an edge over wives. Wives, give your husband peace of mind.
  2. Men, before you gift a side chick a car, make sure your wife has a house in her name.
  3. Men, if we invest in our wives about 20% of what we give side chicks, they will remain forever young, classy and sexy.
  4. Women, when you’re done with childbearing, get your body back, work on it: make up, fix nails and lashes, glow, slay, stay fit, swag up, smell good, be humble, loyal and respectful.
  5. Wives, side chicks ain’t more beautiful or sweeter than you. Slay! Don’t be a mugu!
  6. Wives, give your husbands peace of mind.
  7. Wives, hustle and add value to your marriage. Don’t be 100% reliability. Providing for your family adds more value and respect to who you are in the eyes of your husband.
  8. Wives, if your husband says he wants you to stay at home, refuse. Go out and work because women have more luck and favour in business and money making. Don’t be a house girl.
  9. Wives, make your home accommodating and relaxing for him.
  10. Wives, sometimes act like you did not see it, ignore it and don’t nag.
  11. Wives, do not report him to anyone. Try to handle it yourself because those people you want to report him to also have their own “wahala”.
  12. Wives, leave his phone for him because it is not easy for us.
  13. Wives, just pray for your husbands.
  14. Dear wives, during this lockdown, side chicks will be calling your husbands to cause problem but don’t let them succeed.
  15. Finally, men, after this Coronavirus, invest in your wife ‘cos she’s all you gat.

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The celebrity barman seems not happy with ‘side chick’ as he has practically unlocked their code in public.

The lifestyle mouthpiece also challenged side chicks who go to native doctors to get voodoo to charm people’s husbands to be useful for once by asking their respective native doctors to bring cure for Coronavirus if at all they’re that powerful.

He concluded by admonishing his fellow married men to stick to their wives and invest in them as insists “our wives are all we gat.”

Mind blowing right? Kindly share this amazing 15 marriage tips with your friends and family, you could be saving someone’s marriage by simply sharing.


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