“Bringing in Chinese doctors might turn Nigeria into spiritual Wuhan” – Uche Maduagwu tells Buhari

On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, a 15-man Chinese medical team and doctors were flown into Nigeria by the government and since then, has sparked so much worries and criticisms from Nigerians who think it’s a very bad idea for Federal government to invite doctors from the country where the dreaded disease originated from.

One of the critics of this surprising gesture is Nollywood actor and social media commentator, Uche Maduagwu who recently shared a post on his verified Instagram page.


According to him, Nigerian government is about to allow China through its 15-man doctors to turn the country into spiritual Wuhan. Meaning the doctors are suspiciously on a mission not possibly to help Nigeria fight the virus but turn the country into epicenter of Covid-19.

Uche continues by asking why Nigeria is the country Chinese doctors can be allowed to come when Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States that have the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths didn’t ask for China’s help.

He however regrets that Nigerian government’s decision is really a big blow to the medically certified and qualified Nigerian doctors.

Read his post below;

“Dear President #Buhari, you have done a fantastic job by closing our border to curb the spread of Coronavirus, bringing in #Chinese medical team from China might turn Nigeria into a spiritual #Wuhan…

“#America has a covid19 death toll of more than 13,000, why did they not invite Chinese medical team? #Italy has a confirmed #covid19 death toll of more than 17,000 #Spain has more than 14,000 while #UK has more than 7,000 death, but did any of these countries worst hit by this pandemic invite medical teams from #china? So why #Nigeria? I am sure @realdonaldtrump will be laughing uncontrollably seeing this, like seriously, how can you bring in medical team from the same country that unleash HELL on the whole #world?

“Point of correction, contrary to the laughable rumor that china beat or curbed the spread of covid19, its a big lie, they are allegedly only covering figures and not being open on the actual cases, why do you think #POTUS is looking towards reducing funding to #WHO?Dont we think this unnecessary move will badly affect the moral of all the brave Nigerian doctors risking their lives daily? Are they not good enough?”