Actress, Chizzy Alichi reveals 5 things she has been up to during the lockdown period

Felix M. Okoye

As the Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing continue without any official date for its calloff especially in Nigeria, the citizens have find it as a point of duty to engage in so many activities while indoors.

Moreover, some kind hearted celebrities use the period as the time to unite with each other to help the underprivileged members of the society through delivery and distribution of relief items and palliatives.

But there are some other individuals who have taken this period as the moment to utilize all alone, either by going through some daily routine or engaging in recreational activities.

Hence, Nollywood actress, Chizzy Alichi shared 5 important things she has been doing throughout the lockdown period.

According to her, first is to dress up, and second to drive round the estate, third is return back to sleep, fourth has to involve watching movies and last but not the least, eat.

In a nutshell,
1. Dress up.
2. Drive round the estate.
3. Sleep.
4. Watch movies.
5. Eat.

Meanwhile, the video Chizzy accompanied with her post showed she’s already carrying out the second routine which is drive round the estate.

Read post and watch video below;

“Dress up, drive round your house/estate, then go back and sleep /watch movie /eat
It’s well #staysafe”

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