Actor, Hanks Anuku slams Nigerian Govt over poor measures in tackling Covid-19

Nigerian movie legend, Hanks Anuku, who is Popular for his gangster movie roles in Nollywood, has expressed his anger and disappointment with Nigerian government for their refusal to shutdown borders early enough, its refusal to disburse stipends to Nigerians to help average income earners survive the lockdown, among other reasons.

In a short clip which is currently making the rounds on social media, Hanks is heard cursing on the Nigerian government and its officials.


In his vent of splint, he questioned if at all the government realizes that most persons on lockdown are parents who have children to take care of.

Speaking further, the actor expressed anger and disappointment with the government for not providing stipends for citizens under lockdown just like some other countries have done.

An infuriated Hanks goes on to remind treacherous and “wicked” leaders that “our kids are doing fine” but mercilessly swears for them. “Our children dey fine, dem dey fine… na una wey wicked go die” he cursed.

In the short clip which Charles Okocha posted, he’s heard saying:
“I dey vex for una, una dey craze government of this country, na God go punish una. Una no know say we get children? Una no give us money, no nothing-nothing una think we dey jail? God go punish una, na una go go jail, na una go die because of this corona wey una carry come our country. Our children dey fine, them dey fine. Na una wey dey wicked go die, God go punish una! Waka…!”

For the records, Hanks Anuku is a Nigerian veteran actor, but referring to him as a movie legend sounds better. He has starred as a villain in many Nollywood films. As of the year 2017, Hanks was naturalized and became a Ghanaian making him one of the very few actors with dual citizenship.

Watch video below: