Ultimate Love: Jelo Couple become 3rd evictee to leave the show

On 15th of March, week 5, the Ultimate Love NG 3rd Sunday live eviction/check out show saw Jelo Couple, which make up Jenny Koko and Louis evicted/checked out of the show as the 3rd Couple after Micherry Couple (Michael and Cherry) and Jeriton Couple (Jerry and Meriton).

However, this is roughly 4 weeks Jenny Koko and Louis made their ways into the Love Pad with other Love Guests. And as usual, their stay in the game were determined by viewers’ votes as they’ve garnered the lowest number.


Meanwhile, Jelo Couple made their way to the live stage where they’re engaged by the Ultimate Love hosts in a check out challenge of selecting a box out of three available boxes which will have inside, a gift items and cash.

Unfortunately, Jenny Koko and Louis chose the box they were checked out with and has in it, the sum of N100,000.

That’s to say, if they had chosen one of the other two remaining boxes, they would won a whopping sum of N300,000.

Recall the first checked out couple, Micherry (Michael and Cherry) won N350,000 after they selected one of the three boxes. And the 2nd checked out couple, Chivia (Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia) won a whopping N600,000 during their own box selection challenge.