Ultimate Love: End of the road for Jaykech couple; 4th Love Guests to be evicted

Felix M. Okoye

The Sunday, March 22, 2020 Ultimate Love live show presents another surprise eviction/check out to the Love Guests as Jay and Nkechi better known and coupled as Jaykech have been evicted/checked out from the season 1 edition the reality show.

Haven polled lowest on the number of votes among the Couples who were put up for possible check out/eviction, the Ebonyi State born Jonathan “Jay” Benson and his Ultimate Love partner, Nkechi Maureen Agba become the 4th Love Couple to be checked out after Micherry (Michael and Cherry), Jeriton (Jerry and Meriton) and Jelo (Jenny Koko and Louis).

On the live stage, Jaykech revealed to the host, Oluwaseun and Dakore that they found love in each other and Jay stating that he’s still in disbelief that a woman so beautiful can actually choose to love him.

Now the time for the usual Portmanteau live game. Jaykech decided to chose box they were checked out with containing a whopping N500,000. But if they had chosen one of the other two boxes, they wouldn’t have missed out on the N750,000 in it. Although, they’re still one of the luckiest couple among Micherry who picked N350,000, Jeriton with N600,000 and disappointed Jelo who picked N100,000.

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