Ultimate Love: After getting into another quarrel, PreshDavid couple give up the Love Nest for Chivia

The endless drama being displayed in the Love Pad by Ultimate Love reality TV show Love Guests are so intense to be equated to what a usual relationship should be like.

Some couple utilize every opportunity to making sure their partners don’t feel any form of intimidation while others have every reason to tell the viewers how less concerned and unbothered they can be with their partners.


Earlier today, Saturday, March 20, PreshDavid Couple, (comprising Presh Talker and David) had a heated argument and quarrel in the Love Nest (the room opportune to them after they won Couple Challenge 2 days ago).

It went from Presh shouting and “disgracing” herself in view of their fans who now see they both don’t match to David responding “stop shouting”, the couple had it out but couldn’t think of a better way to deal with the misunderstanding situation and they have to give up the remaining few days they have to stay in the room.

How, ValidUpdates gathered some scoops from the viewers in the comment section who insist that Presh and David can’t make a good couple as Presh has shown severally that she doesn’t love him.

See some of them below;

Meanwhile, after PreshDavid Couple had decided to vacate the Nest, they agreed to allow another Couple utilize the opportunity and that’s Chivia (comprising Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia).

Presh and David made Sylvia shade some tears after they surprisingly told her that she and Chiddy Bankz can from today till Sunday occupy the Love Nest (without revealing their plan and telling Sylvia what has gone wrong between them).

We got another scoops from viewers in the comment section who think PreshDavid have smartly “used Chivia’s head” as a result of not revealing to them about their earlier argument and also to make Chivia Couple consider not nominating them, come Sunday during nomination for possible check out.

See comments below;


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