‘Tacha, I am weeping that I supported you; now you chose UK lockdown after Naija gave you fame’ – Online critic, Uche Maduagwu

Felix M. Okoye

Nigeria’s controversial social media critic and Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu is at the moment not in a happy mood with his self-acclaimed “baby sister” and Big Brother Naija season 4 star, Tacha who has chosen to stay in UK as regards Coronavirus.

Taken to his Instagram page, Uche asks Tacha who advises her because he thinks they’re giving her a very bad one which made her assume UK is at this period safer than Nigeria.

“I dont regret supporting Tacha, I am only weeping I did”, Uche stated adding that if a whole Nigerian super star, Davido can postpone his North American tour due to Coronavirus outbreak how much more someone like Tacha who was given fame in Nigeria and has chosen to stay comfortable in a high-risk country like UK.

Read Uche’s post below;

“Dear Tacha, abeg, who are the people giving you advice? If @davidoofficial can postpone his North American tour due to #Covid-19, what exactly are you doing in UK? As of yesterday, #UK recorded a total number of 3,269 cases of patients diagnosed of #Coronavirus, with over 173 people dead, but #Nigeria has only 8 coronavirus cases, abeg my people, with these facts, which #country is safe?”

“So, what is #Tacha doing in UK at this period of unusual coronavirus pandemic? Everyone knows i support Tacha, so this #post is not to bring her down, but as someone i take as a #baby sister, if i see what does not make sense, dear #Titans, should i hide the bitter truth.”

“I dont regret supporting Tacha, i am only weeping i did, even citizens of UK will never say lock down there is better over coronavirus pandemic… I was glad when i saw on @cnn  how #WHO reacted positively to the superb way #Nigeria is handling the #Covid19 pandemic, although, i was not surprised because if we took care of Ebola, why cant we curb this? Thanks to #NCDC and all our brave health practitioners.”

“Dear #Tacha, even Nigerians who returned from #UK recently are being placed on self isolation, thats to show you how bad it is over there, its laughable seeing you in UK, and to allegedly say lock down over there is better makes me weep, seriously? What is better in a #country where more than 170 people are confirmed dead over this same #coronavirus you are allegedly running away from? Its so bad over there that they declared total lock down, abeg, Tacha, who are the people allegedly giving you advice?”

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