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Reasons ‘Imam of Peace’ blasts Nigerian President Buhari

In the midday of today, Friday, March 27, the famous Iranian-born Australia-based Islamic cleric, Mohammad Tawhidi, better known as ‘Imam of Peace’ took to his micro-blogging platform, Twitter to lash out at Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari.

There seems to be so many reasons Imam did what he did and ValidUpdates has decided to make the list as regards what his Twitter thread shows.


First, Imam of Peace cajoled President Buhari over his illiteracy during his Sunday, March 22 live broadcast about Coronavirus pandemic to Nigerians.

Imam stated that a whole President of a country as big as Nigeria can’t make accurate pronunciation of Covid-19, he rather called Civik 1 – 9 virus. He also lashed out at the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan who according to him thinks Iran and Japan share a border.

Secondly, Imam thinks it’s a very bad idea for Nigerians to elect for the second time someone he terms a dictator. And according to his tweets, Nigeria is a beautiful country, but it would be more beautiful without the terrorism enabled by Buhari.

And thirdly, Imam stated that President Buhari’s cabals claim they have nothing to do with terrorists in Nigeria yet when he (Imam) exposes terrorists in Nigeria, Buhari’s fans attack him online. And this according him, proves that a stupid President is always elected by stupid people.