Orban uses coronavirus as excuse to suspend asylum rights in Hungary

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has used the coronavirus outbreak as an excuse to abolish the right to asylum in Hungary, Gerald Knaus, founder of the European Stability Initiative said on twitter

In fact, as Gyorgy Bakondi, national security adviser to the prime minister, announced earlier this month: “Hungary has indefinitely suspended access to border transit areas for asylum seekers” because of the risks related to the spread of the COVID-19


“We observe a certain link between coronavirus and illegal migrants,” he said at a press conference, without however giving any data to support his claim

In Hungary, no cases of coronavirus have yet been recorded and all 125 tests performed have given a negative result

According to the government, the majority of illegal migrants travel to Hungary from Iran or through Iran. The majority of recent arrivals are not Syrian; they are mostly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, he added


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