End of the handshake? Coronavirus changes greeting habits

People all over are changing habits to reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus and prevent it from spreading

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the world, some have abandoned the most common form of greeting; the handshake


People are also abstaining from giving pecks on the cheek, hugs and high-fives as they try to minimise the the risk of contracting it and prevent it from spreading

In Beijing, China, billboards tell people to join their hands together when greeting others, instead of shaking hands. Public announcements suggest using a traditional Chinese gesture called the gong shou; a fist in the opposite palm; to say hello

In France newspapers advise that kissing on the cheek,  a common way of greeting in the country is to be avoided, Likewise with shaking hands at work

Etiquette expert Philippe Lichtfus says just looking into a person’s eyes directly is sufficient

Brazil’s health ministry recommends against sharing metal straws to consume the caffeine-rich South American drink known as chimarrao. Meanwhile, any form of kissing is out

The outbreak could affect one of Spain’s most beloved traditions, the kissing of sculptures of the Virgin Mary in the week leading up to Easter

With just a month to go before the week starts, the ritual could be banned.

“It is one of the measures that is on the table,” said national health official Fernando Simon


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