Do not carry or touch your kids after you’ve slept with a man who isn’t the biological father – BBNaija star, Gifty advises women


As spiritually proven, Ex-Big Brother Naija reality star, Gifty is out with some pieces of advice to women (both single and married) who after sleeping with a man, they return home to carry their kids.

According to Gifty Powers, whenever a woman carries her child or children immediately after having s3x with a man, she automatically transfers whatever she has done with the man to her child.

Therefore, she advises that after the woman must have finished sleeping with the man, she should go back to her house and wash up by having her bath in her own bathroom, with her own soap and sponge (not the man’s) before she can now carry the child.

Gifty also cautions that it doesn’t matter how old the child or children is, as whatever the woman must have transferred to the child will spiritually affect her child.

Read her post below;

“Did you know it’s spiritually disastrous to touch or carry your kid or kids after having sex with a man who isn’t your child’s biological father?”

“Whether a single mother or a married mother, it doesn’t matter. Do not carry or touch your child after you’ve had sex with a man who isn’t the biological father”

“WHAT TO DO: After you’ve had sex with whoever from outside, don’t touch your child, immediately go to your bathroom and wash off your body very well by taking a good shower (with your own soap and sponge) in your own house and when you’re done bathing, you can carry your child happily”

“Failure to do so, spiritually it means you’re transferring whatever you did with that man unto your son or daughter. It’s more like you’re planting a seed in your child spiritually. So be careful.”

“It doesn’t matter how old your kids are. As long as you’re their mother, every second count around your kids. They’re your offspring, so it matters.”

“You can call it a myth if you choose to. Sometimes, believing a myth can save a life, you know. Do not be ignorant and risk your kids future. Do not transfer that kinda life to an innocent child who knows nothing about the world he or she lives in. Our job as parents is to protect, care and love our kids unconditionally. No one is stopping you from bringing bread from wherever to the table for the family. Just be wise in doing so by preventing what you know now than regretting what you could have prevented. It’s better not to say had I known thingy.”

“Let no one judge your past or your present. We all imperfect in our ways. But whatever you do, please think about the future of that innocent child or children of yours. No body follow you come this world.”


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