Dj Cuppy’s fans unanimously chose name of her debut EP, Original Cuppy

Felix M. Okoye

After Nigeria’s Dj Cuppy, born Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola beckons on her fans to help choose the name of her upcoming debut EP in a Twitter poll, the name Original Cuppy got the highest number of vote.

Cuppy listed Guest Host, The Cupcake, Original Cuppy and Only Choice as the intended names, with The Cupcake too close to the winner, Original Cuppy.

“My Cupcakes! The name of my DEBUT EP is in YOUR hands! Vote your favourite name below and I will proceed with the artwork! … CHOOSE WISELY!!! #ToCuppyThisTune”, she earlier tweeted.

She has officially announced through a recent post on her social media pages that Original Cuppy now changed to Original Copy is the name of the debut EP.

“Final results! Over 9,000 of YOU voted… #OriginalCopy will be the official name of me DEBUT EP to keep in line with my oxymoron theme!”

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