Covid-19: We don’t have protective equipment – Health workers lament

Anthony Njoku

Health workers under the umbrella of the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), have complained of lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Personal Protective Equipment include goggles and protective clothing designed to protect the wearer’s body from infection.

Chairman of the Bauchi State chapter, Ibrahim Maikudi, told reporters that nurses needed to protect themselves in the course of their duties.

Already, Governor Bala Mohammed has tested positive to the deadly coronavirus.

Maikudi said his members could not afford to take risk in view of the disease declared World Health Organisation (WHO) as global pandemic.

“While preparing and mobilising our members to be prepared in case they come in contact with patients, we also advised them to take safety measures while discharging their duties.”

“We are calling on Bauchi government to provide PPE in the facilities across the state,” workers had been informed on the importance of hand washing and social distancing” he added.

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