Coronavirus: Volunteers to be infected with the virus for £3,500 in attempt to fine vaccine

Anthony Njoku

Volunteers will be rewarded with £3,500 each to be infected with coronavirus at Queen Mary Bio-enterprise Innovation Center, Whitechapel, London, as the global quest to find a cure for the deadly virus continues.

Willing volunteers will be injected with Covid-19 and two common but less serious strains of the virus, and quarantined thereafter at Queen Mary Bio-enterprise Innovation Center in Whitechapel, after being paid £3,500.

Hvivo, the company behind the laboratory at Whitechapel, will be infecting 24 volunteers at a time with the 0C43 and 229E strains of the virus. 

It is said that these strains will cause mild respiratory symptoms and be much less severe than the coronavirus that is currently spreading around the globe.

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