See how much these blockbuster movies made

The movie industry is one industry that has been driving massive revenue and impacting the economy over time.

Recetly Disney Original “The Lion King” is on spotlight as reports coming in is showing that grossed a total of $114 million on international Box office in the previous week.


The much realistic remake of the classic animation is the ranking as fifth in the world making a fine of $963 million till date.

The animation is nearing the billionaires club as it is about to hit it’s $1 billion-dollar- mark.

The Lion King grossed another $75 million in North America this weekend.

Across the world, in China it made $114 million, in the UK $45 million while in Brazil and France it has grossed  $42 and $40 million respectively.

Meanwhile, Sony’s “Spider-Man: Far From Home” continued scaling box office charts, collecting $21 million from 67 overseas territories.

“Spider Man: Far From Home” has been the first “Spider Man” to cross the $1 billion mark on Box office. The super hero series raking in a total of $692 million internationally and $1.03 billion worldwide.

It recently passed “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” ($963 million) to become Sony’s second-highest grossing film ever.
Falling not far behind is Disney’s “Toy Story 4,” which picked up $19.4 million from 40 foreign markets for an international tally of $522 million.6 it out Uju ⅞ my

The animated adventure has now pocketed $917 million globally, including $395 million in North America.

Outside of the States, “Toy Story 4” has seen solid ticket sales in Mexico with $70.7 million, the U.K. with $64.9 million and Japan with $51 million.