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How To Buy Or Purchase Beats From SochiLLBeats.Com

SochiLLBeats.Com is an entertainment website and beats store owned by Nigerian music producer, and sound engineer, Felix Okoye, popularly known as itzSochiLLBeats.

He sells personally made beats and also, allow other music producers sell their own beats, both LEASE and EXCLUSIVE beats.

Therefore, all artistes are permitted to buy any genre of beat they see and wish to use from the website. However, below are the STEPS TO BUY OR PURCHASE BEATS FROM SOCHILLBEATS.COM

  • 1st Step: Go to the website, sochillbeats.com ‘s MENU option and click on it. See screenshot below.

  • 2nd Step: The MENU option opens. Then click on the drop-down arrow next to SHOP. See screenshot below

  • 3rd Step: The drop-down opens, then click on BEATS STORE. See screenshot below.

  • 4th Step: The BEATS STORE opens for you to see the beats on sale. Then click on anyone you want to purchase. Let’s say you want to purchase “AfroPop – Gimme Love – 100BPM“. See screenshot below.

  • 5th Step: The “AfroPop – Gimme – Love – 100BPM” opens. You can press play on the black audio player to hear what the beat sounds like. (N:B that’s not the main beat. You get complete beat after payment). So, click on ADD TO CART to proceed. See screenshot below.

  • 6th Step: Here, your Cart isready. Then click on VIEW CART to proceed. See screenshot below.

  • 7th Step: Here, first look at the number next to Quantity and ensure it’s on 1. If not on 1, type in 1 and click UPDATE CART to take it back to 1 so you don’t pay double. Then click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. See screenshot below.

  • 8th, 9th And 10th Steps are on the same page. So, to start with the 8th Step, type in your details as shown on the screenshot below. (N:B Ensure you enter your details in all the boxes with red asterisk *. You can skip the boxes with no asterisk, like the company name

  • Scroll down to see the 9th Step, that’s the payment options. The first you will see is DIRECT BANK TRANSFER. Select it and check the box where you see I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” as shown on the screenshot below. . Then click on PLACE ORDER. After you clicked on PLACE OTHER, our BANK DETAILS appear for use to make payment or transfer directly from your bank to ours. As soon as the payment is received, the beat DOWNLOAD LINK will be automatically sent to the email you entered on the 8th Step.

  • The 2nd option on the 9th Step ispayment with DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS(i.e. your ATM) via PAYSTACK. Here, select Debit/Credit Cards and ensure check on “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” as shown on the screenshot below. . Then, click on PLACE ORDER to move to the final step.

  • On the 10th and final Step, you’re required to type in your DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS (ATM) details to make payment. As soon as you finished typing in the details, click on the green botton with PAY NGN AMOUNT. Then go to your email (the one you entered on the 8th Step) and download the beat from the DOWNLOAD LINK sent to you. That’s all. But if encounter any issues, reply the mail.