Hilarious: Jesus of Nazareth visits Kenya

Felix M. Okoye

The hillarious “Jesus” who reportedly visited Kenya on the behest of a local pastor has been deported.

Internet users have last week been awestruck with the news of a pastor who during Sunday service revealed that he invited “Jesus of Nazareth” to church to worship with them.

Videos that were since posted online was said “Jesus” is seen dancing and worshipping with the congregation. People were seen surrounding the said “Jesus” hoping to get a miracle by being close to him.

Reports coming in has it that the Caucasian man impersonating Jesus has been deported from Kenya.

The said man who was able to convince people that he is the real son of God, was said to have been going round collecting money from people, doing miracle for them and saving a place for them in heaven.

The fake Jesus has been deported and the pastor has since been arrested for deceiving the public.

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