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Poverty is a bastard but success has many relatives: a case study on Efe, winner of Big Brother Naija 2017.

Though am not a supporter of the past Big Brother Naija reality show because of its poor moral status; the success of the winner of the event taught me so much lessons.

The young man named EFE with his usual slogan “Based on logistic” was no body before the event but he is now a somebody and an entity to be celebrated.


Before going in details concerning our topic, let me brief us on the life of EFE for those who don’t know him well.

Ejeba Efe Michael popularly known as Efe Ejeba or simply Efe, is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, actor and reality television show star. Efe is the most popular Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate, having over 60% of fans
compared to other housemates.

‘Based On Logistics’, as he is fondly called by viewers has so far competed in the Big Brother Naija House, staying clear from all kinds of drama. Despite his nose picking habit, the Delta State-Born, Jos-based Rapper has taken everyone by surprise with the supports from viewers.

After being nominated for possible eviction severally, Efe pulled an incredible 39.9%, 58%, 59% respectively out of 100% to stay in the Big Brother Naija House. As a rapper, Efe’s musical style is referred to as pigin-english rap. Efe moved to Lagos because it is “where it all happens’’ and worked his way up to earn recognition. A graduate of Economics, he enjoys cooking and is confident, his easy-flowing attitude made him win over Housemates’ plots.

Did you get something unique in this brief details of this young man? He is a musician and an actor. But before now, no one recognised him, no one valued him, no one honoured him in any event. But now, he is the talk of the city, all girls want just a snap with him, any event in Delta state without his present is a local event. Do you know the most fantastic stuff about his success? He is crowned as a prince of his kingdom. He moved from nobody to somebody all because of Big Brother accomplishment.

This is not an issue with money because what he won financially is not so enough. Even if his money finishes today, his success will feed him for the rest of his life time. His songs that wasn’t known by many are best songs in town now. He is not a rich guy but he is a successful guy.

This is why I choose the topic “poverty is bastard but success has many relatives” if you are not successful in life, you are on your own. Remember that success is not wealth, so when I say successful, I don’t means monetary success, I mean intellectual wealth or achieving your talents and destiny.

Stop complaining that you are lossing your friends because no one like to stay with a anyone. Until you become a somebody, you will never have a relatives, because even your biological relatives will not like to associate with you. Your friends will treat you like a bastard, not because they hate you but because they hated the poverty in you.

Let us emulate from the success of EFE, let us work hard because it is only hard work that can pay us. But if you choose to dwell in lack, you will lack people around you. And don’t forget that birds of the same feather flock together.