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Young amazing writer, Prince Chidi Johnkingsley presents a summary of his upcoming book, “MY YOUTH, MY FUTURE”.

TOPIC: Ability Without Mentality Equals Barbarity.

Homosexuality is the beginning of man’s failure and the end of morality. The insanity of humanity through their stupidity in nudity is becoming unbearable because it destroys human dignity.

A boy now turns to a girl and a girl now a boy. When nemesis and karma join forces to punish the atrocities of humanity, then what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah will be better than what will happen to us.


There is an abnormality in humanity , we are in unknown wilderness. The world is turning immoral acts into civil rights and some Western World have succeeded in doing so.

What will trigger a man’s libido into having sex with his sex mate? A man rocking a man and a woman sucking a woman. We are in democracy and not Anus-cracy. Homosexuality is against God and nature, in fact it is also a sin against humanity.

How can a man let go all the beautiful structure in the body of a woman? Her rounded coca cola hips, her soft and pleasuring lips, her seducing eyes, the sweet loquacious taste of her waist. Why would a man abandon all these and be melting his fellow man’s stinking, useless and dirty anus? This is a cursed madness.

How can a woman overlook the sexy body of a man with six packs, his pink lip and the fabulous muscles of his hands? Positive plus positive will give you nothing, but positive plus negative will give you something. A man plus a woman gives you a baby, but a man plus a man gives you hell fire.

God is not foolish by creating Adam and Eve. If homosexuality is to be considered, God would have created Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve, but in the wisdom of God, He created Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel are the product of that.

Homosexuality is not marriage. For the fact that people indulge in it doesn’t make it right. Homosexuality denies the self evidence by a logically, physiological and psychological differences between a man and a woman. A man now sees his fellow man as a woman and a woman now sees her fellow woman like a man.

We are in a new sexual orientation and parents should please monitor the sexual affairs of their children very well. Some homosexual entities now goes about giving false sex orientation to young children. Parents should know the kind of places their children go and the kind of entities they mingle with.

If your child is between 17-25 years old, give him or her the correct sex orientation because if you fail to do so, the corrupt society will do so for you. Share this to all parents to create the awareness so that our young children will be save.

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