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‘Jonah in my boat’


The intention of Jonah was not evil but his presence in the boat was risky. Jonah was just a young promising man who felt that he couldn’t do what God asked him to do, so in the quest to save his life he decided to escape through the boat.

The passengers in the boat welcomed Jonah as their brother unaware that his presence is a dangerous omen. When the mighty wave began, they couldn’t identify the cause of it. Jonah at first was also confused but when they did what they ought to do and the arrow pointed at Jonah, then he realized that his presence was the cause.


He opted to die so others may live and because of that loving action of selfless sacrifice, God gave him the second chance to fulfill his mission.

This is about Jonah but what about us? Each person has one Jonah in his or her life. Remember, Jonah is not evil, but his or her presence is not a good omen.

There are some people that whenever they come into your life, things begin to scatter. If they come to your business, you will go back to square one. If you eventually marry him or her, then you will feel the smoke a burning fire.

The fact that Jonah opted out doesn’t mean it was done willingly. The arrow pointed at him and then he has only the option to accept his faith. Praying and fasting will not reveal the Jonah in your boat, you need an action to back up your faith. You need to critically evaluate the characters of those around you and of those you mingle with. Remember, evil is not in the face of men rather in the heart.

The major Jonah in many of our boat is sin. The sin of the fresh and the sin against nature. Many of us do experience many challenges in life not because they are failures or because they have Jonah in their boats but because they welcomed Jonah through their sinful life.

Some sin may be a pleasure at the moment of the act but its bitterness may take lifetime to be corrected. Examine your self, you will find one particular sin you almost commit all the time: that sin is the Jonah in your boat.

If you want the stumbling wave to stop, you must ask Jonah to leave your life. That sin you do commit every week is a ‘jonahious’ sin. A sin that you feel you cannot live without may not allow you get to your target in life. I am not talking about perfection because we are all sinners from birth but our attitude and motive matter.

One day, I was passing through a particular church, I heard the pastor praying against the spirit of Jonah, I was like ‘did Jonah come back from the land of the dead?’ But obviously I did understand the message man of God was trying to pass across. He was setting his congregation free from all failures of life; but there is a better way to do it…‘discover the Jonah in your life and try to give him or her the place he belongs’.

If the stumbling waves must stop, you have to discover the Jonah and live your life without him. Remember, we all have a Jonah in our lives.